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Dutch Virtual Workshop


The Dutch Virtual Workshop was developed by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Groningen and is characterized by a practical approach. The basic principle is that the teacher, inspired by the examples in the workshop, composes her own course programme by choosing different modules.

The modules in the workshop are currently only available in Dutch! The examples have been translated to English: click here to see them. 

Following the link Voorbeelden bekijken ('Browsing through examples'), you can look at a large number of examples of the use of streaming video in higher education. For each of these examples, the question is answered how video was used in that specific course. An illustration is given, the number of students signed up for the course, an evaluation by students and teachers and an example of an assignment.

The Virtual Workshop is modular. Each of the modules discusses one of the aspects of using streaming video in education, such as searching for exisitng material or uploaden a video file to a video server. 

When you look at an example, a list of corresponding modules is shown. If the example is useful for you, you can choose to open the modules to get more information on the subject.

You can also get an advice which modules to do, by clicking on Mijn persoonlijke cursusprogramma samenstellen ('Compose personal programme'). After you have selected a number of topics of interest, such as 'I have analogue video material that I want to use', you get a list of recommended modules, and the order in which to do them.

Each modules is described shortly in an introduction, and contains links to study materials.

In this way, you only do the modules that are of interest to you.

In the Guided Tour (Internet Explorer recquired), an instructor presents the different types of using video in education.


Picture of the decision tool.

You can open the workshop here.