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Background to the UK's Virtual Workshop

The UK Virtual Workshop is designed to complement rather than replicate our highly successful series of face to face workshops across the UK. We feel that the value of a face to face workshop comes from the immediacy of interaction with peers and facilitators and through the passing on of enthusiasm and ideas through team work and peer facilitation. For us, this was somehow lost when we translated our workshops to the web. With the wealth of engaging instructional materials already available on the web, we decided not to try to reinvent the wheel but to capitalise on our experience as educators and the body of pre-existing materials available to us by cataloguing the materials and giving them structure.


Virtual Workshop Design

We wanted the virtual workshop to primarily capitalise on resources that are already publicly available on the web and the future resources that will be developed. This required an extensible database driven site be developed and a basic taxonomy be applied to help give meaning to the resource listings. The virtual workshop begins with a simple series of questions which help the application decided upon which of the 27 possible routes through the materials offer best fit. Certain types of learning resource can be excluded at this stage (such as video, text based, pdfs…) The application sets a cookie and stores your route in a database so that on your next visit, your route can pulled from the database and presented to you. Once the cookie has been set, the application will present the modules which are part of your route to you and these will be ordered by theme, level and type. The presentation can be switched to a simple list layout where the modules will be ordered in terms of their theme. Each module can be discussed in a wiki, removed from the list of modules in your learning route or rated to help guide other users.


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