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The INTUIT Language Tool Box

The INTUIT Language Tool Box is a so-called 'content area' in Blackboard that provides access to English language proficiency tools in several categories: assessment, practice and reference. The Tool Box has been developed by five Dutch universities and wants to provide easy access to tools that have been successfully tested and used at the universities concerned. You can import the Tool Box in your own Blackboard environment and make adaptations if needed.

All components of the Tool Box that are made available via this website are documented in so-called Tool Tips. In the menu on the left of the page you will find an overview of categories, by clicking on a category you will go to the Tool Tips. Every Tool Tip provides a description of the tool, the way in which the tool can be used and to what extent de Tool can be linked to CEFR and attributes to an autonomous learning process. The name of the INTUIT contact is included in every Tool Tip as well. If you have any questions or remarks concerning a tool you can e-mail the INTUIT contact. If you want to know more about the Tool Box you can read this Tool Tip:


You can download the Tool Box from our site. The zip file below gives you the opportunity to import the Tool Box in your own Blackboard environment. Download the zip file and carefully follow the instructions from the Word document!


Zip file Language Tool Box


Import instructions Language Tool Box

N.B. At this moment, the Language Tool Box works only in Blackboard, but we are currently investigating the possibilities of making the Tool Box available in a different way. 



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